German Notes (BuJo Style)

Last month I did an Intensive German Course for A2.1 in Goethe Institute. It was pretty intense learning the language every day in the morning, absorbing all the new words, and sinking in all the grammar rules.

I am always amazed at how students make their notes so appealing. I was like “Why didn’t I do that when I was in high school or in university?” 😛 Now that I am learning another language, I got to try writing my notes in BuJo Style. Yay!




Bullet Journal

March 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

And just like that, we are in the third month of the year! This might sound so overrated but time really flies so fast. Also, I am posting this month’s Bullet Journal set up earlier than my first two months :).

For this month my theme is about Polar Bears ❄️. Since it’s D’s birthday month and I sometimes call him “ice bear”, I mean why not make a Polar Bear theme.


I played with a newspaper and was surprised that I didn’t botch the northern lights. I really liked the end product. 🙂

IMG_4175The Mood Tracker is, of course, polar bear faces and March overview.



I also added a page for Self Care. I will be doodling things or activities that I know will make me smile when I am feeling under the weather, exhausted, or just stuck.


For this month’s One (something) A Day, I will be making one pattern every day.

That’s it, my March 2020 BuJo.

Bullet Journal

February 2020 Setup

The second month of the year has given us so many surprises. Come to think of it, it is not even half of the year yet and a lot has happened. Better late than never (again).

We all know that February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day and nope I will not be having my February setup with hearts and all sorts of red color in it. Instead, I did dawn skies. Pink, peach, purple and blue colors which is somehow a subtle way of relating to love month.


It took me four tries until I think I got the perfect blending of colors (right page). I don’t have much materials so I have to work with what I have right now.

Practice makes perfect






1 Word A Day and a list of Opposites (to build my German vocabulary). IMG_4001

Bullet Journal, Uncategorized

BuJo 2020

Bullet Journal is arts and crafts and getting your crap together merged in one activity. I fell in love with it two years ago because I could finally justify my love and hoarding of stationeries.

Moving to Germany made me leave some of my beloved stationeries behind (can’t exactly fit in my heavy luggage). So with limited materials, I am still proud of my 2020 setup and looking forward to collecting more pens, papers, and other supplies.

The dotted notebook and the writing materials.

And here it is my 2020 setup.

Hey 2020
A little reminder to myself
A year at a glance
Future Log/Important Dates


This next page is inspired by Amanda Rach Lee.

Goals/focus/dreams for 2020 (adding another category to this)


I’m guessing my stationery wishlist will be more than a page.

Grid Spacing (Left) and Stationery Wishlist (Right)


Something to remind me that 2019 is a wonderful year despite the challenges that slap me on the face. *Inspired by Amanda Rach Lee*



Left: Listing down all the things/actions I will be doing this year (this will probably be going to be more than a page)

Right: 21 things to do/experience before 2021.

Snow right? Coming from the tropics, experiencing snow is something I look forward to.



Another page inspired by ARL. I have to fill this up.



Left: Brain Dump Page for random ideas about this journal and anything under the sun.

Right: Meal Planner Page. D and I are trying not to spend so much, and making our own lunch/dinner is a great way to save.



Gotta use that camera.

A year in Polaroids




For January setup, I tried to go through Pinterest to search for the theme that fits my first month of the year. There are so many options and decided to use a random word generator and create something out of it.

The word “Appetite” came and instantly I know my January theme will be something about food. I have an option to go for fruits or sweets (specifically chocolates/candies) but decided to use macarons.


January setup
Setup inspired by @marthasjournal on Instagram


I decided that every month I will add an extra page like this: Ein deutsches Wort pro Tag (One German word per day).

January setup


That’s it my 2020 and January setup in one. Looking forward to filling up these pages with colorful ink, leads, and paints and a variety of other stationery items.


Where to start?

The beginning of another year and another decade is here, now. I am not going to promise anything, but I will try my best to learn something new, improve my Deutsch, finish my bullet journal, cook more often, be brave to see the world, love unconditionally, and not to lose my faith.

Let’s break it down.

Learning something new is for everybody. It is a matter of motivating yourself to absorb everything and finding the time. Thinking about it is already stressing me out, but if I want to do it, I have to suck it up and do it.

Improving my Deutsch “ist sehr schwierig” (is very difficult). Yes, overthinking how complicated a language is can be very hard, especially if it is not your mother tongue. Nonetheless, I am slowly immersing myself with language and slowly having fun with it.

I started Bullet Journaling 2 years ago. I get a lot of inspiration from other people through their Pinterest posts–creative, fun, and stimulating. My love for arts and crafts is undeniable and Bullet Journaling helps me to create something I truly enjoy while keeping track of my life.

Cooking is, as we all know, can be an arduous task. It needs planning, measuring, grocery shopping, and patience. I wanted to explore dishes from different cultures and know them more through food. Well, it would be mostly with D’s help.

Seeing the “world” can be daunting when one has limited resources. So I’ll take it one step at a time, slowly and meaningful.

This might sound overrated, but loving people without asking for anything in return is something we should do right now. Our world needs us to be better humans.

With all that has happened to me, I truly believed that I should always be grateful to Him. Believing and trusting in His wonders and to have unwavering faith in Him that He hears us.

And that’s it, my first post for 2020 which looks like a New Year’s resolution. Let this year be a good one for everyone and make this another chapter a significant one too.


Faith and frustration

It’s almost more than three months since I submit all the papers to the Hungarian Embassy and their processing of visa is unbelievably passive. To cut the story short, I am not getting any update without me messaging the consul first and they have no idea why is the process taking this long.

I have been out of work for quite some time now and I am looking forward to my application’s result. I have two options: have more patience or to quit waiting. The first option was not easy especially if I have no assurance that it will result to something I am hoping and praying for. I have good and bad days of waiting, during the good days of waiting I am patient, hopeful, full of faith, and optimistic. Bad days of waiting is tough I am angry, sad, annoyed, full of doubt, and pessimistic. My disappointment fuels even more as I feel such a failure, incompetent, and useless.

Nonetheless, I always choose the first option. I don’t want to quit and give up waiting because I want this. I prayed for this. I’m scared that this is all for nothing and wasted my time for this.


Hold on

All the assurances I made turn into doubt
All promises turn into frustration
All my sacrifices go to waste
All my hopes and dreams slowly crashing down
I miss you is not enough
I love you is not even enough

Am I not worthy enough?
Are you not worthy enough?
Are we not worthy to be together?
Are we not tired of waiting?
Are we that unfortunate that fate made us fools?
Are we that unlucky that we are both hurt?
Does all this happen just to hurt us both?

Are we still going to continue this?
Fighting for something we have?
Fighting for happiness?
Fighting to be together?
Fighting for us?